Friday, August 29, 2014

Triangle Baby Quilt

Cheerful triangles!
I completed this quilt last week, which was another order from my cousin, for a friend of hers. I wanted to make sure it was extra good since her friend is a manager at Anthropologie so she must have good taste! There were no color limitations, so I pretty much started with Cotton and Steel baby tigers and worked from there! 
Sneak peak of the backing as well
I used about 10 prints and got half of them from Cotton and Steel, and then filled in with others from the store like a nice solid aqua, pretty gold chevron by Michael Miller, and a few others that I thought were fun, like shimmery yellow dots and a gem print. My general idea for this quilt was just to use really good fabric! It's a little bit darker and richer than most of my quilts, I guess because there are multiple dark shades, like the pink and navy, but I really like how it turned out! I think triangle quilts are just a good alternative to patchwork, where the fabric can shine but you have something slightly more unexpected than squares.

It's a Plus by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud9 for the back 
Rashida Coleman-Hale, who is now a designer at Cotton and Steel, used to design for Cloud9 Organic fabrics, and her lines from them actually blend really well with her new line, so I used this fun plus print for the back. It has all the colors from the front, which worked out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself! I quilted it by following on either side of the triangle seam lines and used white thread so it would show up on the back and give it a little more visual interest. 
Close up 
It's not easy to see in the pictures but I used Michael Miller's Glitz line for the binding as well, and I used the mint and gold polka dots. This print has more gold concentrated on one side of the fabric, so the dots on the binding are different in different sections, which I thought was fun! 

According to Steph the recipients loved the quilt so I'll consider this one a success, but then again who wouldnt like something with those baby tigers?! 

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