Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quilting Bee! Everything you ever hoped to learn, and more!

Thanks again for signing up for a quilting bee! They are a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is able to create and learn throughout the coming year! Below are the general guidelines for being a part of a bee. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

When you are the host:
When you are the host you will be in charge of emailing the rest of the hive at the beginning of your month, telling everyone what block you'd like! (or, if this is a more free-form request, just what size and color). This is also a good time to introduce yourself a bit and tell everyone a bit about yourself! The deadline for emailing out the info will be the 4th of each month, but feel free to do it sooner. Tell them the color scheme you are after, and if there is a specific fabric you'd like them to use, then please be prepared to mail that out to everyone. You also want to let your bee know whether you want seams pressed open, or in one direction, and whether or not you want them to send trimmed blocks to you.  Generally, you will make yourself a block as well, and possibly, at the beginning of the month, post a photo of the fabrics you are planning to use so people have a better idea of what you're after. Then you just sit back and let the blocks roll in! Be sure to send out your address when you email the hive so everyone knows where to mail their blocks, and then keep track as you get them of who has sent theirs in and who hasn't.

Here is a link to a Pinterest page I've started with links to many blocks and block tutorials. I will keep adding to it! Click here!

When you are making blocks for others:
This is a fun chance to get to make blocks you wouldn't normally make, and possibly work with color combos that you wouldnt always choose for yourself. Embrace it! Try your best to follow the guidelines given to you by the host each month. Feel free to post pictures of fabric possibilities if you want feedback from the host. If you are having trouble with any part of a block, just reach out for help! That's another benefit to being in a bee, that you have other people to give you pointers and tips. You also want to make sure to iron seams however it's been requested, and check if the host wants their block trimmed or untrimmed. Do you best to mail things on time! I know months can get hectic and fly by, so if you know you will be a week or so late, just let the host know that you still plan on making the block. The deadline to mail should be around the 10th of the following month. When you mail, please put your block inside a ziploc bag, just in case! And include a note so the host knows who it is from!

One more thing it is useful to have during a quilting bee is a "queen bee," this is simply a person who keeps track of things and makes sure that everyone is sending their blocks on time, and if someone vanishes from the bee they can help to find a replacement. The month that you are the host, you will want to report to them who, if anyone, did not send you blocks.
Collected blocks from my first bee, up on my design wall

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  1. I strongly second your advice about putting your block in a ziploc to mail!