Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hexagon quilt #2

Hexagon Baby Quilt #2
Ugh!! Just a side note- I'm so sick of blurry quilt photos! They make me sad. So, my apologies. Have a few older projects to post and from now on my photos should be better as I have finally purchased a nice camera... now I jut have to learn how to use it and I'll be on my way... to stardom! JK.

Close up on cute baby elephants
I was so happy when my old roommate from 2004-2006 emailed me requesting a baby quilt! I had made one for her baby last year, but it was a gift from me and another friend, so I never got to talk to her directly. It was so fun to catch up, and also make something for her brother who is expecting a baby with his wife. Fun fact, they met at Loyola and used to come to parties at our apartment when they were freshman and we were juniors! Good times. I really love making quilts for people that I know, I tend to think a lot about the recipient as I sew, so it was nice to remember people from my past this way.

Baby's name
We went with a girly yet slightly whimsical feel and it was fun to pick out fabrics! I like all the little objects hiding in the quilt, from elephants, to balloons, to bees, and flowers, and feathers. I hope babies like looking at those things as they grow. 

Headed to Kansas City!
I used a Cloud 9 voile for the binding, which is so soft and nice. I also did straight-line quilting to echo the lines of the hexagons, and used my little knee bar on my sewing machine for all the pivot points which made it a thousand times better than having to manually lift the foot on every corner!!

Close up on the back
I really love the back too, I think all the fabrics are so sweet! As you know I adore this elephant balloon print, the bows are great, and I love that top fabric with the kids and the animals, and I think they work really nicely together, and the pink quilting thread shows up well but isnt too bright.
All done!
Another fun baby quilt in the books for 2015! Thanks, Lauren, for the order :)

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