Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt
Greetings! Can you believe how many times I've post in the past week or so? It might be due to my new weekly checklist system, but we will see if I can keep it up! Also, welcome to the parking lot of my store/apartment complex. A great, private, and very bland place to take photos but thats ok. I finailly tried out my new tripod and camera, so hopefully pics will continue to improve. 

So casual!
In an effort to keep wearing nothing but navy, white, and black, allow me to present the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt! I have heard great things about this skirt for ages, but honestly wasn't totally sold on the middle center seam. I just don't usually like font seams on skirts, but I guess I'm just odd like that. This yellow version, by Lauren, finally sold me! It looks so cute in a solid, and she raves about it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

This is me giving it a whirl
I used a nice Japanese indigo cotton that I have at the shop (and online! here) that is a bit stiffer and a tiny bit heavier than quilting cotton, but not much. I thought the pattern was subtle enough to keep the middle seam from bugging me. And I was right! It's actually not even noticeable, really.  I made version 3, which is short without button tabs or belt loops, but I may add loops net time. I have some stretch cotton twill in bright reddish-coral that might be perfect for this! (Otherwise I'll just copy Lauren's yellow version!)

Up close and personal!
I made the size 6 with no adjustments, which was fun! I usually have to grade out because my hips are always a bigger size than my waist, but I have heard that Sewaholic patterns are made for us hippier ladies, so that was nice. And I must say that it fits really well! (Except after a big lunch!) I like that it has body, but isn't gathered at the waist, so that it lays a little bit flatter and doesnt add volume to the lower-stomach problem zone!
Tripod selfie !
I am quite happy with the skirt, and it was definitely easy since there was no gathers. I also really like the pockets since they show up and arent just hidden in the side seam. I think side seam pockets add bulk to hips as well, another no-no! (but I still love them because pockets are great). Im glad to have a pattern fit me out of the package, and one that doest take long to make either. A flattering length, good for flats or heels. Way to go, Sewaholic!

Check back soon, I have some quilts I'm finishing up, and I'm also getting my hair done Monday which means that soon enough my bangs will no longer be a different color than my ponytail. Fancy!!

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