Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Triangle Baby Quilt!

Triangle Baby Quilt!
I've made a million of them (maybe 10 of them, really), but I do love a good triangle quilt! I just think it's a modern version of patchwork, a great way to showcase fabrics, and there is just something fresh and simple about them that I really like.  An old co-worker and quilty supporter of mine brought his pregnant sister and her husband into the shop a while ago so that they could chose fabrics and have a baby quilt made. I always love seeing what fabrics people pick out, and how people combine the fabrics I have. I honestly am always surprised and delighted!
Close up
Just when I think I've exhausted all possible combos, people come in and shake things up for me, and I think that's fun. Two of the fabrics they chose, the red, pink, and brown on, and a grey and peach chevron, are probably 2 of the last fabrics I would have ever used in the same project. They chose a few greys as well, and then I added some Japanese fabrics and a few others from my stash at home to round things out. Also, they hadn't found out if they were having a boy or a girl and I think these colors are a very interesting option for a gender neutral quilt without relying on green or yellow.
Cotton and Steel lions
They also chose this great lion print from Cotton and Steel's first collections, which I think gives the quilt a great pop of color and whimsy. Gotta have whimsy!! Anyway, I love how this quilt turned out, in what I think is a really unique, special color palate. I hope their future baby loves it!

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