Monday, August 25, 2014

Exciting News from The Fabric Studio!

Hello all! Just popping in to say hi, and also share some exciting news. If you read multiple sewing blogs, no doubt you have stumbled across some information about The Sewing Party!  This is a really unique and special event being hosted by Singer-Viking-Pfaff, and is a one-day, online sewing convention, with awesome classes, great sponsors, and good deals!

There are some really amazing classes being taught by some great, well-respected names in the sewing community. Buying a ticket to The Sewing Party allows you access to all the videos (plus on Nov. 8, the teachers will be available live to chat and answer questions while their class airs). So, what does all this have to do with me, you ask?

Video props layout

A few months ago some of the lovely ladies from SVP came into the store and we started chatting about what they were up to and how we could work together. Eventually we decided to film some of the classes that will be part of this event AT The Fabric Studio. Yay! And I am even teaching one, which will be all about cross stitch! (here's the link to my class...) So today at the store, me, Lauren, and Devon will all be filming our classes to be aired on Nov. 8th at The Sewing Party!

To say I am nervous is a huge understatement, but I think in the end it will be great, and I am so, so excited about the opportunity! Wish me luck on my on-screen debut, and check out The Sewing Party's other amazing classes here. Now that I have this class all planned I am also planning a monthly gathering of cross-stitching and wine-drinking class at the store, so stay tuned for that as well (class schedule will be out within the next week).


Eek! Things are getting legitimate up in here!  I will definitely be sharing a celebratory drink with the ladies after we finish! Here goes nothing!

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