Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Greek Plus Puss Quilt by Rossie Hutchinson

Block One
Last month I responded to a call on Instagram that a quilt designer I follow was looking for pattern testers. I have never done that before, so I figured why not! I have made quilts before that create blocks with a plus in the middle, but I made up the pattern, and used a log-cabin layout, which worked but was slightly complex. I was interested to see another way for the plus to come together.

Block Two
I decided I would chose some of my favorite fabrics from my home stash that I have been hording for too long! The block is arranged, in my mind, as a plus in the middle, with another plus shape echoing the middle one, and then the corners are a third fabric. I did my corners in a lighter hue of whatever the middle plus was, and I chose a low volume for the echo that ad at least a little bit of that color in it.

Mini Quilt Top!
I just made 4 blocks because I was busy and there was a testing deadline, but I really love how it turned out and I can't wait to quilt it and hang it in the store! I am using Mirror Ball Dots for the binding, in a nice pearly yellow and I think I'll do matchstick quilting if I ever have time and order more thread! Im also glad I have a quilt with some of my favorite fabircs-- Heather Ross octopi, the Parisian pastries fabric, Jay McCarroll polka dots, and an Alexander Henry floral I got at B & J fabrics in NYC (Oh man how I'd love to go back there!!).

Rossie's pattern is available to purchase on Craftsy, here, or her Etsy shop here! Each block is 12" square so it wouldnt take too many of them to make a decent size quilt, which is a great bonus. Can't wait to see other people's versions too!

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