Friday, August 15, 2014

Cotton and Steel Baby Tiger Washi Tunic

Good day all! When I first saw Cotton and Steel at Quilt Market in May, it was so, so exciting! I know that everyone and their mom is sewing up projects with  C+S these days, but thats because the line is really special, in my opinion. It's actually 5 lines that all work really well together, plus some fun blender fabrics in really unique, rich, happy colors. There is something about this line that really just makes you want to sew something! (Seriously, go to Instagram and search the #cottonandsteel hashtag. So many awesome projects!)

Cotton and Steel Washi

I've always really liked Rae's version of the Washi tunic here, with the black collar, and after I took the Washi class at the store, I knew I wanted to make one like that as well. (You can download a Washi "expansion pack" here, which has more collar, sleeve, and neckline options). Then suddenly it hit me: make this out of the baby tiger print from Alexia's line, Hatbox, for Cotton and Steel, which I've been really obsessed with. I just LOVE them for some reason. I like how they look watercolor-y, but with added pen lines, which might be my current favorite art mode.

Standing in the shadows
There were a few things different with the pattern this time that made it fun to sew because I felt confident in making it, but it wasnt exactly the same so I didnt get bored. First, of course, was the color, which I think is so sweet, and I got to use the Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabric, which is my favorite, soft, deep, rich black. 

I also didnt use sleeves on this one, so the top of the bodice is fully lined, instead of faced, which I actually found easier to do and less tedious, so that was nice. I just used white cotton to line it, and it only took 1/2 yard. 

The other difference is that instead of using shirring for the back, you use 1" elastic incased between the shirt and the lining. I think I kind of like it better, but Im not really sure why! I dont have any pictures of the back because my trusty photographer is in Australia, and all the ones I took just looked so unflattering I had to pretend it was the photography and not the actual shirt. :)

Awkward side view!

Anyways, I love wearing this shirt, it is really comfy and I think the neckline is really flattering, plus, baby tigers! (I've seen some people around the internet calling them cats, which I really hope wasnt the case....But I guess I can make an exception this once).

What are you all making right now? Im on a clothes-sewing hiatus because I have to finish 3 quilt orders, and get a lot of other, less-fun stuff done, but I've got some knits lined up once I have a little bit more time!

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