Saturday, September 20, 2014

Outdoor Modern Quilt Show

First of all, ThankYou to everyone who made it out for the quilt show at the shop. It was really, really fun and I loved seeing everyone's different quilts. There was such a great, cool variety of styles and I thought it was really inspiring! And if you didnt make it, please take a look at the pictures below! I'll link to the owners of each quilts blog, when possible.(if there is a name written in the caption, it is most likely a link). Many of these pictures are courtesy of my friend Lindsay, from LindsaySews!
Behind the scenes help!
I was lucky on the day of the show to have my mom, my cousin, and my cousin's awesome roommate come and help me set up. They actually did all the hanging while I ironed, cleaned up the store, and talked to early arrivals, so their help was vital!

Mom and Sarah
I love this fence that runs along the front of the building, and it was the perfect length for all the smaller quilts that I had collected. There were 16 different sections and I had 16 small quilts so that was nice!

Welcome to the Outdoor Modern Quilt Show!
The show went from 5:30-8:00, although I hadnt really considered that it would be dark at 8:00, so it kind of ended at 7:30. But the golden light of sunset looked really pretty with the quilts, and although it had been cloudy and threatening rain all day, it cleared up for the show. How nice!

View from across the street. 
I ended up collecting about 25 quilts or so, maybe a few more. They just look so fun and colorful all next to each other!
Hiding amongst the quilts!
Checking things out.
Now, although these pictures dont show people, there actually were people who came to the show, came to the shop, and wandered down from the other part of the art crawl. I promise! I was too busy chatting to take pictures once people arrived though. Below are pics of all the quilts except for one that was right outside the door of the shop and for some reason I didnt photograph it. Sorry, Devon!
Australia pixel quilt, made by me
Richly colored Joel Dewberry quilt by Jessica's mom (dont think she has her own blog?)
Improv and log cabins quilt by Jennifer of Jennifer Quilting
Jennifer's quilt was hard to take a good photo of since it was windy, but it had lots of really vibrant colors and interesting piecing. The back was also really cool too, which you can see on her blog.
Scrappy X-Plus quilt by Jessica of A Little Gray
My X-Plus quilt
It was fun to have two different quilts using the same block. I made my blocks much bigger, I think they finished at 12" squares, and Jessica's were probably around maybe 7" (not sure). But it was interesting to see how much size and color choice change the look of a block. A quilt show with the same block interpreted 20 ways would also be really cool, I think!
Quilts by Lindsay (left) and Jayne (right)
Quilt by Jayne (left) and me (right)
Quilts on the fence by Katie Haas (left) and me (right)
Michael Miller Quilt challenge quilt by Jenny Parker (left) and "Echo Quilt" by Lindsay (right)
Triangle Quilt by me (left) and Clamshell Quilt by Lindsay (right)
Cool color diamond quilt by Jayne (love what she does with solids!) 
Modern Mini by Jenny Parker
Cathedral Windows mini by Lindsay 
Fun modern baby quilt using Lotta Jansdotter fabrics by Lindsay 
Pixel Ohio quilt by Devon and Miss
Adorable Fancy Foxes quilt by Erica of NYCNash. com
Quilts in the setting sun. From closest (on the right): Flying geese quilt by Jessica, Foxes by Erica, and the last 3 barely visible ones are mine 
Close up of my scrappy spiderweb quilt (separate blog post on this one to follow)
So there you have it! It was so great working with talented, creative women who so generously and trustingly let me borrow their quilts for the show. Check out the links to their blogs too, because they have lots of great creations and each have their own very unique styles. I am hoping to do another show this spring, maybe for the 1-year anniversary party, so we will see! In the meantime, I'll just be here sewing and (hopefully!!) selling fabric! Hope you enjoyed the virtual quilt show :)

The aftermath: Quilt mountain

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  1. Both of mine were upside down. Ha! Not that it matters or that you could have known. Just made me laugh. Thank you for your hard work! Maybe next time I've have something bigger to show. Might be by to pick them up tmrw.