Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cotton and Steel Plus Quilt

Cotton and Steel "Plus" Quilt
Hey, who made that extremely understated, dare I say Scandinavian looking modern baby quilt?? As a matter of fact, I did! I know, I know. It only used 4 fabrics, which is totally crazy for me, and the pattern is symmetrical. (no, not in this photo! I just realized I had it hanging "sideways" when I took pics of it, but in my mind, the row of three pluses on the right should actually be the top. For symmetry sake!  

Barely noticeable but nice: light aqua thread!
How did this quilt come to be? Well, actually it was a customer design, so that explains the restraint. A friend of a friend came into the store and wanted a quilt for her unborn baby boy. She picked up fabric she liked, and told me what the nursery was going to be like (during this whole exchange I thought she was buying fabric to make it herself.) We eventually got on the same page, and I took the order.
Understated calm
I must say it was actually pretty fun to make a quilt like this. It came together really quickly since I pieces the pluses and then used larger pieces of fabric in between. The navy is one of the Cotton and Steel basic blenders which has cute white "X"s on it. The back is the amazing mustang print by Melody Miller, also by Cotton and Steel. It is a great mustard background with navy and aqua horses. And gold "X"s. So cool! (can purchase here!)
Wild mustang quilt back
I quilted it with straight lines on either side of the patchwork pieces, which creates a really nice grid, as you can see below.
Straight-line quilting
I used Michael Miller's Cotton Couture solids line in Seafoam for the binding, which I think works really well with the front and the back of the quilt (which is the challenge, when choosing binding, I think). Overall I really love this quilt! I think it would be fun to pick a big-scale, colorful print for the back, and then chose just one color from it to combine with white on the front.

Will I ever be able to restrain myself this much again?? Who knows, but I always enjoy a good challenge from a customer, and helping to make someones idea come to life. Thanks, Erin!!