Sunday, October 12, 2014

Moneta Madness!

Well, it's been a while since I posted clothing here, but not to worry, I have been making things! Most recently, lots of knits, and lots of Monetas! I like sewing with knits because things are more likely to fit! And they are fast because you dont have to finish the edges. So, on to the Moneta, which is a knit dress pattern by Colette. (disclaimer-- these photos of me arent good! I need my bangs trimmed and my highlights spruced up, but alas, not in the cards at the moment. So just ignore my general face area :)  .)
Shibori Moneta
When in Ohio for my family reunion my cousin and I had a day of dying knits! I brought a bold of off-white really soft, stretchy, mid-weight knit that hadnt been selling that wel in the store, and ended up just dying the whole bolt (my wardrobe is now quite shibori-heavy).
Sunshine and shibori
This version was actually my third go-round with this pattern, so by this time it was fairly quick. I actually wanted to do the short-sleeve version for this one, but I had already folded the tissue pattern and put it back in the envelope, and I didnt want to go through the ordeal of unfolding and looking for the sleeve, so I just went with the half sleeve, which is probably better for fall anyway. It is a unique length, but I like it!
Side view
This dress is so comfy, especially this fabric because it has a decent amount of stretch to it. The waist is gathered and shirred with a piece of clear elastic, so it isnt too tight in the middle, and it, as Devon puts it, basically feels like "secret pajamas." I agree!

Moneta #2
The second time I made this dress I used a heavier weight (not quite ponte but close) and less stretchy knit from Fashion Fabrics Club, which is a weird site where the fabric is very inexpensive but the quality doesnt seem horrible. (though I did accidentally order 3 yards of swimsuit fabric. Ooops!)
Side view
I really like this version too, the fabric makes it feel a little bit fancier, and it is a print that I never normally wear...Leopard but not quite? I like the royal blue with black. I have already worn this dress 3 or 4 times in 2 weeks. It's also warm for cool days, which will be nice once it starts to cool down! Just kidding, Tennessee is getting slightly chilly, but only at night. Which is fine with me!
From the back
I still have about a yard of this fabric left, so I may make a Mabel skirt, or if anyone else is interested in it, let me know! Im sure we can work something out.
Strutting the catwalk
Just awkwardly walking towards the camera man! (Seriously dont know why I couldnt take normal pictures this day. Oh well!)

Version #1
And, the first time I made the pattern I used a nice floral knit from the shop and did Version #1 from the pattern, which is a lined sleeveless bodice with a collar. It fit well, but for some reason I really didnt like this version on me. Im not sure if it was the collar, which seems really high, and also maybe too thin, or maybe it was the fabric, or possibly both, but I just didnt like it. I tried again because the waist falls at a really great spot on me (which is surprising since in most dresses from stores the waist is too high), so I tried it with sleeves. 

Overall, I really like this pattern! I used size XS on the bust and graded out to S for the waist and hips, although I think a straight XS would have worked too. The only changes I made were to omit the pockets and on the dyed version I shortened the hem 1 1/2" instead of 1". Otherwise everything fit well! I'd like to make this in long sleeves for winter, just need to decide on the fabric! Maybe this one.... though maybe in short sleeves. Or maybe just solid black, that would be useful/boring to sew.


  1. CUUTEE! All of them! I love the middle one.

  2. Thanks Devon! Considering a solid-- but what color!? Also do you think the sleeves would be easy to make full length?