Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hudson Pants

Hudson pants
Well, I have found the world's most comfortable pants! I hopefully you arent sick of this shibori fabric yet! It's from the same dye experiment as my Moneta, and I have a t-shirt from it as well :) The Hudson Pant is a downloaded PDF pattern from True Bias. It started out as a cool track-pant pattern made for knits, but you can also make it in wovens (and I have plans to!). It comes with directions for calf or ankle length.

Smiling like it's first-grade picture day
Although its hard to see in these pics they have a really cool exposed pocket, which I like (although the seams do show through with this lighter fabric). They are nice and comfy loose (but still stylish) on the hips and then taper at the bottom. Who would have thought tapered pants would come back in style, but they have, so there ya go! And I think these are pretty flattering too!
Side shot. 
I made a size 2 waist that was graded out to size 6 at the hips (and pockets) but I didnt have to adjust the length at all. They have a gathered elastic wasitband with directions to add buttonholes and a drawstring, which I did not do because I'm lazy and didnt want to put my button holing tool on in the middle of sewing, plus it's been a while so I'm not sure I remember how. But the elastic is what holds them up, so the drawstring is really just for looks.
Handmade tee as well, more on that soon!
I used a double-knit for this top, and the two together are basically the best outfit ever. I wore it 5 days in a row and also slept in it (I changed for work, dont worry!... But then instantly changed back once I got back home).

These pants are also great to do yoga in! Sleep in, hang out in, sew in,  and go to the grocery store in (I hope). I just really like them, and they didnt take long to sew at all! And no double needle finishing! Very nice. I have some crazy green patterned rayon I have made a woven pair with, using  black knit for the waistband, ankle bands, and pocket detail. They are also comfy, though a little tight. I believe they can go from couch to casual outings (I could be wrong!). I know it's a dangerous path to go down when all your pants have an elastic waist, but I think I'm going to risk it. It's just so comfy!! I'll be making another knit pair as well-- gotta keep those ankles warm in the winter :)

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  1. Cute pants and tee! They are flattering, can't wait to make my matching pair (-: