Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Colette Mabel Skirt

Double handmade! Mabel skirt and Nettie Bodysuit!
Hello! Today I'll be showing you the results of my Mabel skirt sewing! Since the wonderful Carrie used this fabric to great effect to make a pencil skirt for herself, and our aunt, I figured I'd jump on board. The fabric, which we have in the shop is I guess a medium weight ponte knit with a fun tribal print on it! Although this print is crazy, I feel like it has a lot of matching possibilities as well. It can act as a wild neutral.

Goes well with chambray too!
In an uncharacteristic mood I decided to try to sew this skirt to wear the same night. I was headed to an underground, secret Langhorne slim show, so I needed to dress to impress. :) I sewed version 3 of the skirt, which has a back pleat and side panels. Sadly, the pattern on the fabric 100% obscures the side seams. Oh well!

Side view
I also didnt do the pleat quite right, and ended up sewing it together. I understand what to do for next time, although once i tried the skirt on I ended up shortening it by a few inches so the pleat would have been pretty short! While I do like the fit of this skirt (and its very comfy!) I think it could be a little tighter around the waistband, so I will have to adjust for that next time. I think that would make things easier to tuck in, for those rare days when I have no bodysuits to wear. I think I'd like it slightly higher waisted, which would be an easy fix.

Also great for fall!
All in all, this pattern only took me a few hours to make, which is unusual for me, as I purposely go very slow! I am definitely going to make a few more of these, in fact I have a heavyweight black ponte knit in the store that should be strong enough to suck all the extra curves in, and be quite flattering! Will probably wear that one a lot. Also have Art Gallery's Arizona knit on order, so that one might show up too. I think it's a really versatile, cute, flattering skirt (and flattering on so many bodies too), and a great boost when you can whip up such a fast project. And since there are very few pieces to the pattern, I think it would be a good one to download the pdf, it would be very easy to tape together!

Have you made the Mabel? What do you think?? A few of my faves are here (cute leopard!), here (metallic polka dots!), and here (geometric!)!

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  1. Absolutely love your shoes in the first picture, the leather heels with the bands across the front. I am looking to get similar, and wonder if you can tell me the name of this style or even which brand these are! Xx